MARILYN MACKEY – Tea Leaf Reading / Mediumship

Tea leaf reading, mediumship and medical intuition. 30 years practicing


KENDRA OLWEN – Astrolger and Intuitive


JACK MOON – Intuitive Life Mapping
Intuitive Mapping – Psychic Readings. Serving professionally for 50+ years

MARY ANNE FORD – Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive.
I have been practicing 28 years.I touch in on areas of relationship, personal growth, finances, and most importantly the personal power each of us has on the inner and how to trust and use it to make our world a better place. Also learning to love ourselves.
I will be using a combination of Mastery Over Mansions cards and trance. I have been doing readings for 48 years.
SARI KLETTIntuitve Angel Card Reader and Healer

Connecting with the Angels is a daily event with me. I am offering Intuitive Angel Card Readings and Intuitive Coaching. Internationally recognized Certified Angel Intuitive and Angel Card Reader, I have been doing readings for many years in Europe, Florida and Atlanta, GA.


SHELLY PERCY – Intuitive Medium and Channel

Channeling – Medium -Psychic Angel Cards & Pendulum Direct Messages and Visits from Angels, Guides & Loved Ones Scholar of Spiritual communication, gifted since childhood with recent expansion of gifts and abilities expressed in healing of the heart and soul!


DENISE CLAIR – Astrology/Voyager Tarot

Denise Clair blends Western Astrology and Voyager Tarot for her Intuitive Readings, which are channeled from her Higher Sources. . She has been a self-taught Astrology Adviser for 50 plus years, and trained as a Reader and Life Coach with James Wanless, PhD, creator of the Voyager Deck.
DEBBIE ROCHE – Intuitive Readings and Angel Messages

FRED WOODS – Oracle Card Reader and Psychic


Intuitive Readings with Voyager TAROT , Oracle Deck, Clair -abilities and Mediumship


TRISHA KIRBY – Intuitive  energy Balancing

I offer Intuitive Energetic Balancing, with the goal of raising a person’s overall vibrational frequency in order to create a life that aligns with what their soul most wants. I’ve been involved in the field of bioresonance for more than 20 years, training in the United States and Europe with quantum physicists and healers from the U.S., Germany, Austria and Russia. I would most love to see every being on the planet living life to their fullest soul potential.


PAM WOZNICKI- Shamanic Healer

Sacred Rainbow Warrior ~ Messenger of Love & Light I am looking forward to being present & offering my services at this Wings hosted event! Please stop by to meet with me, schedule a healing session & find out more about my offerings as a Divine Channel of Love & Light  Energy Healing Sessions * Wellness Coaching ( Mind, Body & Soul) * Customized Nature Journeys * Life Path Guidance



I will be offering intuitive energy card in which I have been doing for over 10 years.



I will be offering intuitive tarot readings


ROBIN HILL –   Intuitive Healer and Messages


Debra Durant

With over 20 years experience, Rev. Deb Durant offers an array of metaphysical knowledge. She interrupts the Natal Chart and provides Tarot Readings designed to assist you with your spiritual growth and further understanding of your true destiny! Raised in upstate New York, Deb possesses a sensitivity tied to the seasonal changes, astrological influences and understands the mysteries of the Tarot.


Carla Beetar

Tarot Card Reader and Medium I am a Tarot card Reader and Teacher with 40 years experience