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 VitaJuwel Via Gemwater Bottles & Gempods

We are excited about a new product in our store that is unlike anything we’ve had before. It’s called VitaJuwel, and it’s a very high-quality glass water bottle with a unique twist…the bottom has a removable “gempod” which contains gemstones and crystals that actually change the vibration of the water.

This may sound familiar to many of you, as you might recall the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese doctor whose experiments proved that water responds to words, feelings, symbols, music, and even intentions. Three of the seventeen combinations of VitaJuwel gempods are based on Dr. Emoto’s work, and the water crystal that formed for each of these is pictured in the catalogs that we have on display.

All varieties are included in this special offer,   some of these will require a special order, which takes about one week.