Mastery Over Mansions

Madeline Ann Diemer

Saturday, September 21,                            10:00am-2:00pm                                  $30 for the class                                          $25 for the Card Deck and two books (optional)


Mastery Over Mansions is an experiential  workshop where you learn how to give yourself readings using the Mastery Divination Cards.  You will  refer to the book Mastery Over Mansions for the cards’ meaning.  And, refer to the Instruction Book for various card layouts like the Archetype layout or the Angel layout.


With your Wish List in mind, you will be able to see that elements are at work to empower your wishes.  Mastery Over Mansions is a fun way to strengthen your intuition and produce positive results.


Madeline’s boxed set of Mastery Over Mansions divination cards and instruction book are available for purchase at Wings Bookstore.