Tea Leaf Readings at Wings
with Marilyn Mackey
Saturday, Oct 10
$25 for 15 min. Call Wings for an appointment. 727-522-6657

Marilyn Mackey one of the top Tea Lea Readers, will be available for readings Saturday, Oct 10
Marilyn has been reading the leaves for over 30 years. Over that time she has developed as a medium and medical intuitive as well as a counselor to help clients begin to resolve any problems or blockages they may be encountering in their lives, whether emotional, physical or spiritual in nature. She is known to have a high degree of accuracy and an entertaining and cheerful reading style. You’re almost sure to have a good laugh and a good cry during your reading as well as a sense of breakthrough and moving on with your life. She can also spark your intuition and teach you to read the tea leaves.