Psychic Saturday                      with Elissa Wilds                    Sat March 28th  11am-5pm  $50/20 min

Elissa has almost 25 years of experience providing intuitive and mediumship services to the public. She is also a sought after teacher who frequently mentors and trains other psychic mediums. Her training and her experience are extensive and she is known for her high degree of psychic accuracy and warm, down-to-earth style. You can find out more about her at

Elissa is offering two different types of sessions on psychic Saturday. Elissa is offering 20-minute or 40-minute Intuitive Life Assessment sessions to address your goals and aspirations and guide you toward creating the future you desire for yourself. She is also offering 40-minute Evidential Mediumship sessions to connect you with your loved ones on the Other Side. Only one person per reading. Intuitive Life Assessment: $50/20 min., $100/40 min. Evidential Mediumship Sessions: $110/40 min. Call Wings to book your session! (727) 522-6657