Sacred Ceremony and Celebration with Joanne Muir, Shaman
& Travis Lacey
Friday, June 21
7:00 – 9:30pm
$35 pre-registration – $45 day of event

Summer Solstice – the power, the ritual, the medicine. Come experience the power of ancient practice and rituals which will connect us, release us, and help us move forward on our paths. Experience a more connected consciousness to ourselves, each other, and mother earth. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience and the Shamanic gifts of  Joanne Muir accompanied by the musical talents of Travis Lacey.

 Summer Solstice – a Time of powerful beginnings and divine manifestations!

Are you ready to connect with the fire and light of the sun and remember your light and fire within?

Humans have always used their connection to Great Mother, Great Spirit, planets, nature, the elements and ancestors, to co-create and evolve.

How did they do this?
Through the power of worship and ritual, co-creation and celebration!

Summer Solstice is a time of great potential, a time where the sun stands still and allows us to be in the longest day of the year, the day with the most light and medicine of the Sun.

Come celebrate with us, with your tribe! Come set intentions for yourself and your loved ones, for humanity. Let us harness the energy and messages of this great light and fire consciousness and let it’s light show us the way.

We will work with the element of fire, the power of intentions, the sacred altar, breath work and movement in a powerful circle of union, kai chi do, and dance in celebration of our mother creator.

Please bring a sacred item or intentions for the altar, a yoga mat for the closing ceremony with Travis Lacey and the gong.

Looking forward to see you all!