Channeled Messages from the MVP with Liza Jane Wolf

Saturday, January 19
Please join Liza Jane Wolf for a an exciting evening of channeled messages from the MVP. The MVP is of non-physical energy, focused in a state of higher consciousness. The MVP enjoys guiding us in our journey here on earth, through a remembering of who we really are. Divine expressions of Source energy, created from pure love. They enjoy helping you find the self love and connection to Source that will feed your soul and expand your experience. Liza named them the MVP (MultiVerse Posse) as a playful gesture, she always referred to them as her posse in the sky. They enjoy it because it reminds you that you are the Most Valuable Player.Liza and the MVP merge their energies and communicate as one. The event opens with a quick hello from Liza, then the MVP delivers a general message and open the floor to questions you have. All in an effort to help you gain clarity and expand your awareness. Connect. Evolve. Create