JAN 10, 17, 24, 31- Medical Medium Study Group

          Medical Medium Study Group

With Jennifer Alberson & Sharon Jebens 

There is a movement underway, and its a movement of self healing.At Wings Bookstore, we acknowledge and witness the consciousness of a rising population that knows-instinctively or from direct experience, that their bodies are intelligent. The earth is intelligent. And we have been given the gifts to allow our bodies to self heal.
Along came the Medical Medium, Anthony William. He was born with the unique ability to converse with a high level spirit who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time.
He has helped tens of thousands of people to heal from ailments and diseases that have been misdiagnosed or deemed to be untreatable. His first book, The Medical Medium, is a user friendly guide book in which he tells us the root causes of many ailments that the medical doctors have trouble understanding.He goes on to suggest all natural solutions and healing plans that will help us return to health.
You are invited to join us on Fridays at 5:30 as we delve into the information, efficacy, testimonials, resources and experiences that Anthony William shares throughout his life-changing books. This group will be interactive, sharing not only experiences and information, but also tastes and toasts.

Jan 14, 21 & 28 – A Course in Miracles with Judy Chandler

A Course in Miracles
from the Beginning
with Judy Chandler
Jan 14, 21, & 28
7:15pm – 8:45
Love Offering
Please join us in an amazing study group of like-minded individuals. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that demonstrates the way to universal love and peace or remembering God by undoing guilt through forgiving others and ourselves. The Course states there are only two states of consciousness – Love or Fear – and we are constantly at choice with which we align. It offers us solutions on how to shift our point of consciousness from fear to love, and actually realize heaven on earth.

Jan 22 – The Law of Love with Paul Cardillo

The Law of Love with Paul Cardillo
Wednesday, Jan. 22
7:30pm – 9pm; in the Bookstore
Love Offering

Since Jesus appeared to Paul several years ago, his life took on the purpose to find the Truth. The purpose to find and dwell in God’s Peace and Love , and yet, at the same time be able to remain in the world, fully engaged in the things we do in the world, such as work, family and relationships. As a lawyer, he has been challenged by the lessons that have come, having been deeply engaged in the laws of the world. Jesus’ challenge for him, and all of us, is to make the transition to live within the Laws of Love. www.paulcardillo.com

Jan 25th – Tea Leaf Readings with Marilyn Mackey

Tea Leaf Readings at Wings Coffee Bar
with Marilyn Mackey
Saturday, Jan 25th
$25 for 15 min. Call Wings for an appointment. 727-522-6657

Marilyn Mackey one of the top Tea Lea Readers, will be available for readings Saturday, August 17th.
Marilyn has been reading the leaves for over 30 years. Over that time she has developed as a medium and medical intuitive as well as a counselor to help clients begin to resolve any problems or blockages they may be encountering in their lives, whether emotional, physical or spiritual in nature. She is known to have a high degree of accuracy and an entertaining and cheerful reading style. You’re almost sure to have a good laugh and a good cry during your reading as well as a sense of breakthrough and moving on with your life. She can also spark your intuition and teach you to read the tea leaves.

Jan 27 – Toolkit for Spiritual Beings with Sparkie Lovejoy

Toolkit for Spiritual Beings
Jan. 27  7:15-8:45pm  $11

  Toolkit for Spiritual Beings
As spiritual beings having a human experience, we can all use tools to fully embrace and celebrate our humanity to have a deep, rich, fully embodied experience. As we enter this era of heart based collaboration,  we will share and explore tools each month to create greater connection in our lives.
This month featuring compassionate communication, laughter yoga, and singing bowl practice and meditation.

Jan 30- Astrology forecast 2020 with Kendra Olwen

2020 is a once-in-a-lifetime, transitional year.  We have the opportunity to reset our priorities to create meaningful change within and for those around us.  The planetary patterns in earthy, realistic Capricorn and futuristic,  Aquarius hold the power to change whole systems.  How can you embrace these changes? Find out what you need to release and the best way set a visionary course with a true sense of abundance, creativity, and joy.


Join us for a mix of mythical star stories to inspire your soul and practical down-to-earth guidance to navigate this amazing year.  All levels of astrology welcome. Bring your astrology birthchart. Or text or call Kendra to have one calculated.


Suggested donation: $20






Feb 13th – Reiki Share with Janan Talafer

Thursday Feb 13th  7-8:30
in the Bookstore
Love Offering
Join Janan who will share with you one of the most natural and simple ways to achieve healing at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.