April 2 – Shamanic Lightwork Sound Journey with Joanne Muir

Shamanic Lightwork Sound Journey with Joanne Muir
Monday, April 2
7pm – 9pm; in the Bookstore
$15 Pre-registerer Register Now

$20 at the door

Become your own shamanic practitioner and learn how to apply the ways of being into your own life. Join Joanne to learn about what shamanism is and how it has evolved, shifted, and changed to meet the consciousness at this time. Read More “April 2 – Shamanic Lightwork Sound Journey with Joanne Muir” »

April 22 – Earth Day

Earth Day, Sunday, April 22
Wings Bookstore “No Plastic Zone” All Day

Celebrate our Mother Earth today, and join us as we declare Wings Bookstore a “No Plastics Zone.”
Bring your own re-usable coffee cup or travel mug, and we will double-stamp your coffee card!




April 23 – Eluv’s Channeled Messages from Spirit and Ancestral Clearing

$20 Register Here

Eluv’s Channeled Messages from Spirit and Ancestral Clearing
Monday, April 23, 7-9pm

Eluv will offer direct loving messages from your angels, guides, and loved ones, providing guidance, healing, and assistance on your journey. Experience the infinite help of the spirit world, along with a special heart- opening guided meditation and ancestral clearing for the group.


April 24- A Course in Miracles with Pat Colacchio

A Course in Miracles for Beginners with Pat Colacchio
Every Tuesday, April 3, 10, 17, 24
Love Offering
Please join us in an amazing study group of like-minded individuals. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that demonstrates the way to universal love and peace or remembering God by undoing guilt through forgiving others and ourselves.
Any questions call Pat Colacchio – 727 776-9330

April 25 – Law of Love with Paul Cardillo

The Law of Love with Paul Cardillo
Wednesday, April 25
7:30pm – 9pm; in the Bookstore
Love Offering
Since Jesus appeared to Paul several years ago, his life took on the purpose to find the Truth. The purpose to find and dwell in God’s Peace and Love , and yet, at the same time be able to remain in the world, fully engaged in the things we do in the world, such as work, family and relationships. As a lawyer, he has been challenged by the lessons that have come, having been deeply engaged in the laws of the world. Jesus’ challenge for him, and all of us, is to make the transition to live within the Laws of Love. www.paulcardillo.com



April 26 – Sacred Healing Circle with Suzanne Dye

Messaging & Healing Circle with Suzanne Dye
Thursday, April 26  7-9pm
In the Bookstore
Register Now $10
Please join Suzanne for an evening of Spirit Messages and Healing.  In addition to offering messages and healing from guides, angels and loved ones, Suzanne will also support you in your quest to connect with these divine and beloved sources so that you can work with them directly yourself.

Read More “April 26 – Sacred Healing Circle with Suzanne Dye” »

April 30 – Individual Readings with Janie Boisclair

Individual Readings with Janie Boisclair
Monday, April 30, 11am – 5pm
In the Bookstore
$35 for 15-minute reading
Call Wings (727) 522-6657 to schedule
Pay for reading now.
Janie Boisclair is a rare 5C Clairvoyant. Her skills include connecting to loved ones passed, chakra clearing and guidance on foods for healing your body, spirit guidance and much more!

May 11 – Healing Messages from Spirit World with Jennifer Farmer

Healing Messages from Spirit World with Jennifer Farmer
An Evening Dedicated to Mothers
Friday, May 11
6:30 – 8:30pm
$35 Register Now

Join Wings Bookstore for this special event Mother’s Day Weekend. During this powerful evening, psychic medium, Jennifer brings the Spirit World closer to you. Experience healing energy and communication the Spirit World offers. She’ll lead the group in an insightful discussion about connecting to your loved ones and lead the group in a healing meditation.

Once the group energy is set, she’ll share loving messages from the Spirit World with members of the audience. This is a wonderful event to share with family and friends.

Jennifer Farmer is a naturally gifted intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher. She is a recognized leader in her field of spirit communication, intuitive and personal development. She offers public demonstrations of her mediumship and teaching her signature workshops on developing intuition. Jennifer developed a series of healthy living guided meditations to help improve your spiritual connection, reduce stress, manage chronic pain, overcome anxiety and depression and take control of your life.

Attendance does not guarantee a message.