August 3 – Intro to Evolutionary Astrology with Imsara

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology with Imsara
August 3, 10 & 24 10am-2pm

This is where it all begins. It will give you a lifelong key to self-knowledge, self-understanding and clarity relative to Natural Law and the cosmos. The chart expresses your reasons for incarnating on the planet at this time, as well as your gifts, karmic hindrances, level of consciousness and other vital and eye-opening information. It IS the key to a well-lived life and better choices.
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August 6, 13, 20, 27- A Course in Miracles From the Beginning with Pat Colacchio

A Course in Miracles From the Beginning with Pat Colacchio
Every Tuesday in August
7:15pm – 8:45
Love Offering
Please join us in an amazing study group of like-minded individuals. A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that demonstrates the way to universal love and peace or remembering God by undoing guilt through forgiving others and ourselves. The Course states there are only two states of consciousness – Love or Fear – and we are constantly at choice with which we align. It offers us solutions on how to shift our point of consciousness from fear to love, and actually realize heaven on earth.
Any questions call Pat Colacchio – 727 776-9330

August 7,14, 21 – A Course in Miracles with Sharon Jebens and Paul Cardillo

A Course in Miracles
First Three Wednesdays in August
7:30pm – 9pm
Love Offering

Join like-minded students of A Course in Miracles for a casual exploration and discussion of the teachings it embodies. This is a study group designed to support a true understanding and application of the Course’s message.

August 22 – Demystifying the Mystical with Liza Wolf

Thursday, August 22nd
7 – 9pm   Love Offering

Class is cancelled this Month


  • Join Liza Jane Wolf as she answers your questions to demystify the mystical so you can understand your experience. Liza is a psychic medium, intuitive channel and spiritual teacher. This class will consist of a short talk about the benefit of having a real life understanding of our mystical and metaphysical experiences, so you can spend less time wondering and more time interacting. The bulk of the class will be Liza answering whatever questions you have about your experiences. Expect this class to be fun and full of new discoveries.


August 26 – Soulful Laughter with Sparkie Lovejoy

Soulful Laughter with Sparkie Lovejoy
August 26   7pm
Love Offering

Soulful Laughter ~ Laugh for your health, for your joy, for your peace. We use laughter as a tool to improve our lives and our community.

August 28 – The Law of Love with Paul Cardillo

The Law of Love with Paul Cardillo
Wednesday, August 28
7:30pm – 9pm; in the Bookstore
Love Offering

Since Jesus appeared to Paul several years ago, his life took on the purpose to find the Truth. The purpose to find and dwell in God’s Peace and Love , and yet, at the same time be able to remain in the world, fully engaged in the things we do in the world, such as work, family and relationships. As a lawyer, he has been challenged by the lessons that have come, having been deeply engaged in the laws of the world. Jesus’ challenge for him, and all of us, is to make the transition to live within the Laws of Love. www.paulcardillo.com

August 31 – Be Your Own Medium

Be Your Own MediumBe Your Own Medium, Channel Your Loved One in Spirit      with Jamie Lee Silver

Be Your Own Medium

Saturday Aug 31st from 1pm-4pm  $49

    Have you ever wanted to deepen you own communication with your loved one in spirit?  Is watching for signs just not enough for you?  Have you longed for a connection you could depend on to be there whenever you want to hear their wise words from beyond?  Jamie Lee Silver is the author of “Our Forever Ben, One Mom’s Letter to Her Son in Spirit and His Poetic Replies”.   Join her for an afternoon you will never forget.  Once you open the loving channel, it is yours forever.

Jamie Lee Silver is passionate about finding tools we can use to generate our own happiness.

Originally from Oak Park Illinois, she lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years and returned to the Chicago area to raise her two boys, Aaron and Benjamin amid the wide green lawns and local school districts. She’s been in St. Pete for three years.

For thirty-five years she has practiced Nichiren Buddhism and has a blog called ChantforHappiness.com which has 40,000 followers. In 2013 the unthinkable happened in her life. Her beloved son Ben developed symptoms of severe mental illness. After a tumultuous two years, he took his life in the summer of 2015.

During Ben’s struggles, Jamie found that EFT Tapping greatly helped her, and helped Ben. Throughout her grieving process, she has used EFT Extensively and chose to put herself through the most rigorous Certification process to become accredited and certified through EFT International based in the UK.

One of the things she likes best about being a practitioner is teaching real tools her clients can use for dealing with life stressors. She has many success stories to share, as well as methods for you to experience the effectiveness of EFT during her workshop. Come experience what some are calling the 4th Wave of Psychotherapy and see what all the buzz is about!

And as a result of her belief in the eternity of life, Jamie began writing to Ben soon after he became her angel. He immediately replied through her hand. In Be Your Own Medium you’ll learn how to write and receive letters from your loved one is spirit. It’s a joy that never ends!

Jamie Lee Silver

St. Pete Beach



Website: TapforHappiness.com

Website: ChantforHappiness.com